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A place for civil discussion about what people care about most in life.

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Rory Fitzgerald

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The Human Chronicle is a place on the internet for kind and civil discussion about the things that matter most to people: technology, sport, art, photography, the environment, politics, music, justice, culture, people, books, family and love. 


Editorially, this is an open-minded publication. We believe in social justice, but also in the power of well-regulated markets to deliver prosperity in a sustainable way. Politically, you could describe us as centrist.


We believe in robust debate and free speech. We will host ideas from across the political spectrum, including ones we don’t agree with. But we will never publish material which denigrates people because of their race, religion or sexual orientation. Religions should not be immune to criticism, but they can be questioned respectfully. We believe in building understanding between cultures and people of differing views in a respectful way. 


Kindness is a core value of this publication. Even the most controversial ideas can be expressed in a kind and considerate way, which shows respect for those you disagree with and, guess what? You are much more likely to persuade other people of your point of view, if you show respect for them, and their way of thinking.


Humanity is rapidly  transforming in amazing ways. Technology is bringing our world together in ways we could never have imagined a few decades ago. Artificial intelligence and automation are powering the fourth industrial revolution. We are discovering new ways to live which are beautiful and which promise an era of abundance and human flourishing. These are exciting times.


Contrary to what you see in the daily news, our children’s future is bright. Humanity is more prosperous, healthier and less violent than ever before in human history.  That’s why we’re not going to replicate the daily diet of bad news served up by most media outlets. This is misleads people about the true state of our world. We are going to focus on the beautiful and creative things people are doing every day to make the world a better place.


We believe there is no good fundamental reason for the hatred and distrust that sadly exists today between some branches of our human family; for example between the Muslim world and the west, between Russia and the west, or between the political left and right. Our aim is to increase understanding between ideological adversaries and so to heal divisions. The overwhelming majority of people in every part of our world are kind, welcoming, decent people, whatever their background or beliefs. 


We welcome contributions in terms of articles, photographs, fiction, poetry, music or art. However, we are a small start up and so we sadly can’t pay for contributions. We will of course link back to your websites, blog and social media accounts to help your work get noticed.

Send your ideas to

Welcome to The Human Chronicle. Have a look around. Enjoy. 

Rory Fitzgerald

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